LUNAPACK revs up production with its new equipment

12.07.2017 14:44

LUNAPACK revs up production with its new equipment

OOO “Trade group “Lunapack” conducted a large-scale modernization of capital equipment in 2017. Having managed to raise more than $18 million of investments, Lunapack not only keeps the lead on the market, but it is also ready to amaze with the even higher quality of products. The company produces excellent cardboard products also thanks to the International Standard on Quality Control 1 System.


At the moment, Lunapack is a company that provides color packaging for such industries as alcohol, perfume, pharmaceutical, food, confectionery, household chemicals, and textiles. In the priorities of the manufacturer - innovation, advanced technology, order execution speed. The main product families manufactured at the plant are packaging, POS materials, sheet printing, cardboard stationery, clichés and block stamps.


Today 99.87% of the shares of the company belong to ALEF Investment Holding GmbH. Alef Corporation was founded in 1995 by a Ukrainian businessman and investor, millionaire Vadim Yermolaiev, known for the development of the Dnipro infrastructure. Among the large companies that make up the structure of the industrial and commercial corporation are Agroalliance, Tavria-line, FIM group of companies, and earlier - Aktabank.

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